Youth Group

Martyrs Youth Group has been in operation since October 2004 and is run by volunteers, Lai-Ming Routledge and Mark Sutton.

They meet every Sunday at 7.30pm to 9pm in the Community Room.  We play indoor and outdoor games and undertake different projects including sleeping in the church grounds to experience what life is like for under-priviledged people.  The general programme for the youth group is to have fun and for the members to socialise in a safe enviroment.  Once a year we go away for an adventure weekend to Wales and throughout the year we are involved in various fund raising events.

The Youth Group is open to children from the parish from the ages of year six to year ten, although we do have older members who won’t leave!  Volunteer helpers are always welcome!

To enquire please contact Lai-Ming Routledge on 07917 204683