Justice & Peace

The Justice and Peace Group was formed in 2005 as an interfaith group along with St. Cuthbert’s Anglican church in Croxteth Park and Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Carr Lane.

Our aim is to raise awareness of poverty, global inequality and planetary abuse. We are guided by principles of Catholic social teaching that call for respecting the dignity of the human person.

We support CAFOD campaigns and Christian Aid issues by writing to MPs, raising funds through our One World Taster evening which takes place in October, an annual sposored walk and writing to prisoners of conscience at Christmas.

We are actively involved with local issues such as the Food Bank project and KNIT ONE which aims to ring people together to make a positive response to the negative image of the area caused by gang crime.

We meet about every six weeks at one of the three churches. For further information, contact Joan on 266 2892 or Jeanette on 547 3446.