The Companions Group

The group originally started way back in 1974 in St Swithin’s Parish.  It had two aims, firstly to offer a club for people with disabilities to meet socially in a supported environment and secondly as respite for families whose whole lives were dedicated to caring for them.  At that time all our members lived at home with their parents and their only independent outlet was their day time school.  We were able to offer them a club were they could socialize, listen to music, play games and just have some fun.

When we first started some of our members were as young as eight and nine though most were in their early teens.  We’ve celebrated 18ths and 21st but now we are celebrating their 50th birthday!

We have had outings to the seaside, trips to the theatre, bowling and cinema.  We have had quite a few holidays over the years.  When they were younger it was holiday camps but our most recent weekends away have been to the Calvert Trust in Keswick an activity centre specially catering people with disabilities.

Today the group has evolved along with society.  Many of our members live independently with support thought some are still with parents even though their parents are now pensioners.  We also have new members coming along brought by support workers from various organizations and referrals from social services.

We have met in various locations in the Croxteth and Gillmoss area and our present home is the Community Room in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and St Swithin’s Parish on Thursday Evenings between 7pm and 9pm. If anyone would like to come along either as a member or volunteer you are very welcome to call in and meet us any Thursday evening 7pm to 9pm.